iPhone bezel bent and dust under screen (no replacement!)

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ifone, Jan 22, 2010.

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    Hi all,

    I got my iPhone 3G S less than a month ago and decided to use the CapsuleNeo as my cover. The cover ended up bending my bezel near the volume buttons. I also have a small dust spot in the lower-left corner of my screen. Although I'm European I live in the Middle East where they don't have Apple service centers so I went to the local "official" servicing center for iPhone (they decide whether or not to replace the iPhone).

    I was telling them how the dust spot was unacceptable (even though my main reason was to get a replacement for the bezel) but they told me that (I already bended the bezel in its original place a bit so they didn't notice the bezel problem but it still annoyed me a lot) the dust was my fault and that Apple global warranty policy does not give guidelines about dust stuck under screen so they decided not to replace it.

    So I went home, angry, but I decided to live with the sightly bent bezel (the dust spot I could barely see) but today I noticed a much bigger piece of dust stuck under my screen. I really don't know what to do now can anyone give me arguments I can use (I might try another service center if they have it) or proof that Apple's policy DOES replace screens with dust? Or should I try to sell the iPhone at some loss? Thanks in advance.
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    Do what i have done 8 times and counting, if you have a problem thats not covered by warranty, go to the apple store and say the battery is crap, and it lasts you MAYBE 2 hours. If you can keep a straight face, they will buy it, and give you a replacement.
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    oh and cases are really bad, i have a case that covers the back and the bezel, but not the screen. The dust tends to really gather around the edges of the screen right where the case stops, and it gets into the cracks, its a real piss off for me because every hour i look and there's dust there. Sometimes i think its just better to not have a case and be very careful.

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