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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by nitrogen521, Oct 10, 2010.

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    Sorry for making so many threads today. I'm just curious about my iPhone 3GS I got a few days ago.

    Here are two questions

    Is it bad to not to charge the iphone 3gs to 100%?
    Because when I sync or do other stuff, it charges like 3% than I just unplug it.

    And is one full cycle charge like all adds up to 100%? Let's say day 1 u charge 60% day 2 u charge 40%, does that mean one full cycle charge?

    Will it damage the battery or shorten battery life in anyway to plug in your iphone 6times a day because you gotta sync stuff?
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    Double Post: Anyone know why when I sync song with iTunes, it adds space to my Other too? Because It has around 414MB on other, and 202 songs on it.

    I only have 3.2GB left on my Iphoen 3GS and it's a 8GB model.
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    There is some detailed info about how to best care for your battery, I remember seeing it in a few places. In the app store there is an app called battery elite I think and it gives you tips how to maximise your battery.
    A full charge is a long/complete charge right up to 100% after the iphone has run its battery down to the red-zone. I doubt a charge of 60% and later a 40% charge would be a full charge unless it did not drain between those 2 charges and it got charged up to 100%.
    There is likely a thread on batteries & charging here too...try the search function.

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