iPhone 4 iPhone 4 with 2G data plan loophole

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Spam, Aug 24, 2010.

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    This is reference to the 2G iPhone data plan loophole...

    Okay so I just went to the AT&T store to pick up a new SIM card that I will plan to cut up and use on my iPhone 4 after I do the whole loophole thing with it on my friend's 2G iPhone.

    Anyways, when I went to the store today, the person helping me asked me what IMEI number my current phone was ( I am temporarily using my Nokia phone right now since I have not yet acquired the 2G iPhone yet). They inputted the Nokia's IMEI number into the system, and when the guy handed me the SIM card and receipt, the receipt lists the changed SIM and changed IMEI number, in which he used my Nokia's IMEI number. Was that a mistake?

    From my knowledge wasn't he supposed to just hand me the SIM card so I can activate it through the 2G, or did he already activate the card for me? The SIM card has not yet been put into any phone yet, and it's still attached to its plastic card. Am I good to go, or did I just screw myself over? Thanks for any replies!
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    I would think you will have to put the SIM card into the iPhone 2G and change the IMEI on the account, then chop it and do what you must to get it to work on your iPhone 4. The only fault I see in your plan is that AT&T discontinued the original iPhone plan and they used the $30 dollar plan, also, but now they have the same $15 for 200 mb $25 for 2gb,etc.

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