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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Jamz2008, Jul 18, 2010.

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    Well first of all thanks for reading, i'll start off by saying I dropped my Iphone 3GS in the toilet... Yes I know it was stupid but it was an accident. It was in the water around 1-2 seconds before I fished it out. I didnt try and turn it on I left it near the window for it to dry out (I didnt have any rice) and woke up the next morning to it being turned on but stuck on the emergency call screen which was odd as I had jailbroke it to 3.1.3 and used the Ultrasn0w unlock. Next I try to restore it using Itunes but it would not restore to 3.1.3 as every time it got to the 'Checking with Apple' part it would go no further so I managed to backup my SHSH of 3.1.3 and tried to restore it on 4.0.1 but then I got an error 1603 on Itunes. I have tried putting the phone into DFU mode but it gets to 1mm away from the restore bar being complete and it gets stuck. So now im stuck as I brought it from a friend who has moved to America. Any help would be great as I love my Iphone.

    Thanks in advance
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    I managed to use my step dad's mac to try and restore and it took a while but it managed to do a full restore, problem now is that it is stuck on the activation/emergency call screen but the phone has signal bars and everything else seems to be working ok. Any way of getting around the activation screen? Ive tried with original Orange simcard but Itunes says 'We are exeriancing a problem activating your phone' . Any advice?

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    It appears as though your phone was deactivated.
    You might be out of luck, after all, it was submerged.

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