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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by harrison_01, Oct 6, 2010.

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    Ok, so hears my story. My iPhone's screen broke a few months ago, so I decided I wanted to get it fixed. We found a guy near us who told us how much he would charge to do it, which was $30. My phone is with Telus and when we called Telus to ask them about getting it fixed they recommended this guy, so I figured he must be pretty good at doing it if Telus is recommending him. So we gave my phone to this guy. a month passed and he still had it, we kept pushing at him to give it back and finally he gave it back and I got the screen repair free because it took so long.

    Here's the problem.
    When I got my iPhone back there was a case on it meant for an iPod that I had never had, so my guess was that guy put it on. When I took it off I seen the problems. The chrome lining around the phone is supposed to be tight with the back plate. On one side it's pretty tight, but the other side is up about 3mms or so, may not sound like much, but it looks terrible. He also did a terrible job of installing the screen. All I had to do was touch it a few times and it broke again.

    Here's a complete list of problems:
    - about a 3mm space between chrome and backplate
    - vibrater doesn't work
    - power button works, but is almost flush with the backplate making it hard to push
    - touch screen doesn't work sometimes
    - screen is cracked

    My question is if anyone knows how much this might cost to repair? I'd also like to change the backplate, mine is white, I want to change it to black. Any ideas on a price?
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    I can fix it for you. It won't be too expensive. PM me and i'll give you the details.

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