iPhone 3G iPhone 3G wont reboot for jailbreak on redsnow 0.8

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by aakhmwl, Aug 4, 2009.

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    title summed it up pretty well, minus a few miniscule details..

    just turned 18 so as a gift, i got an iPhone 3G ^^ admittedly it was refurbished because that wa the only one in stock, but im not complaining. Now i alrready own an ipod touch 2g thats been jailbreaked a few times, so i immediatly rushed home to give my iphone a quick jailbreak and start the customization process, but alas, a problem!

    when in the jailbreak process, i follow the rules (hold powerr for 3 secs, then hold home for 15, then release power and hold home for 30) but when im on the last step, redsnow makes it to the part where it waits for a reboot and thats where it stays...any ideas whats wrong? supposedly i can just unplug it and replug it, but seeing as i jacked up my itouch kind of bad during my ,last jailbreak, im a little hesitent. ideas?

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