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    I have searched the forums and I have also contacted 02 about this, I'm still waiting for a reply from them. I have also googled the issue and found that this is a really common problem, however cannot find a solution.

    I have an iPhone 3G on o2 (formally on at&t) it is jailbroken and unlocked on iOS 4.0.

    When I am texting, I find that if I use an app that connects to the internet, or use the internet in any way, I don't get my text messages come through. For me to get the messages to come through, I have to close the app, then either send another text, or make a phone call. That seems to push all waiting messages through.

    It is like using the internet prevents all waiting texts from coming through to my phone, and I have to push them through by closing the internet connection and opening up the network again.

    Before anything is said, it is not the simcard. I have been using my phone in another phone for the past month while I waiting for the new unlock to be released, and it worked fine.

    Currently, I have 3G off, and push notifications off and everything seems to be working fine. But if I want to use my 3G (which is what the iPhone 3G is intended for, and is also why I pay out in my monthly contract for unlimited data), I get issues with receiving texts.

    Anyone else had this problem, or has anyone got a solution to this?

    Any help is much appreciated

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