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Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by Conya, Jun 18, 2010.

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    I'm fully aware you can change your home screen (springboard, whatever you'd like to call it) background on iPhone 3GS without a jailbreak, and you can do it for iPhone 3G with one, you can also get the multitasking feature. I know they can be done by editing a .plist file, and each feature (home screen background and multitasking) can be done on their own if you want (eg. if i just wanted a home screen background but i didn't want multitasking, i could do that if i really wanted)

    my question is, because the iphone 3g only has 128mb of RAM (please correct me if i'm wrong), does changing the .plist to only get a user-changeable homescreen background take up much ram? i don't see how it'd take up too much ram because there's already a full black background for it anyway, so that can't take up much less ram than a custom picture would.

    i don't want to slow down my device too much, but i'd really like a different background for my homescreen.

    so it'd be great if someone could let me know how much RAM it takes up in comparison to just have a black background on the homescreen.


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    Apple's method of changing backgrounds doesn't just change the background, it adds shadow effects to the labels under the icons. This is processor-intensive. I imagine once we get the option to hide the labels it should be fine.
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    However,im on 3g right now with multitasking and wall enabled.
    Yeah,its a bit more laggy,but nothing to serious really.

    What really suprised me is that the performance is the same even if i have few apps backgrounded (safari,mail,sms,ipod...) and also the same if my multitasking dock is clear.

    I noticed that phone OS automaticly shuts down the most older app you used that was in "frozen" state when you launch the new one that needs extra memory.

    So,if i can live with it with multi and walls enabled you should be fine with just wall.

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