iOS 4.0 iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G MB Jailbreak

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    == First, before all of you start: WILL THIS WORK ON MC MODELS? NO!! here a compatibility list:

    - iPod Touch 2G MB
    - iPhone 3G MB

    Enough info? No others work with this. Even not the iPod Touch 1G, well why? Because there is no iOS4 for that.

    Here a little jailbreak guide. I've seen others, but they seem confusing for others. Here a good one, good explainations so you can't get wrong.
    Step 1: Restore to iOS4: Open iTunes with your iPod Touch 2G MB or iPhone 3G MB model connected to your computer. Click on your iPod Touch/iPhone, and hit the button Restore. [DO NOT UPDATE, IT'S NOT SAFE. YES YOU WILL LOSE YOUR DATA]

    Step 2: Download Redsn0w:

    Step 3: Open it up, and make sure your iPod Touch/iPhone is still connected.

    Step 4: Hit the Select button, and browse to (on Windows Vista/7, it is somehow similar on XP) to:
    C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPod (or iPhone) Software Updates
    and select the iOS4 ipsw. (you will know it).
    (if the AppData folder doesn't show, go to control panel->folder options, and deselect hide folders.)

    Step 5: Hit next, and select the options you want. I suggest you do not select background image, you can set that up later in the jailbreak, without the bugginess of it.

    Step 6: Hit next. You will now be told to turn off your device. Do so, and keep in mind: keep it connected to your PC.

    Step 7: Hit next. You'll now get instructions. Follow them carefully, and a next screen will pop out. Hooray, you're now jailbreaking, and you can set back and relax.

    Step 8: If it says Done! on your computer, do not close redsn0w or disconnect your iPod Touch/iPhone, just to be sure. Keep it connected and redsn0w open until you are back in your homescreen.

    Step 9: Now open Cydia up and do that updates. Enjoy your jailbroken device.

    == Any help concerning these devices are accepted, though no support from the other devices! Please do not post about them, check out the stickied post about MC models. ==

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