iPhone 3G 4.1 Android Installation, Windows help

Discussion in 'Android Chat' started by Gregpxc, Oct 24, 2010.

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    Oct 24, 2010
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    Okay so believe me I have searched and searched and tried and tried with no luck.

    All I want is to get Android on my 3G.

    I have tried it jailbroken with sn0wbreeze (which I know now probably will never work) and recently with redsn0w.

    I have tried using iPhoDroid which gets all the way to the installing Quadra phase which then the program closes leaving my phone in Recovery Mode. When it gets to this point I have tried two options:

    1. Restart computer and phone and reconnect and retry the installation (same result)

    2. I have also tried manually installing the Quadra which doesn't work.

    3. I have also tried SSHing into my phone and manually moving the files into the var file (as well as attempting a move into a file called iDroid)

    None of these solutions has worked. Is there any other way or can someone give me a detailed walk through of what they did with their iPhone 3G FW 4.1 on Windows 7?

    I can't find a guide that fits my specs at all... Thanks in advance. Sorry if there are already similar posts but I have been researching for days.
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    Oct 18, 2010
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    Samsung Galaxy S4
    You could try: Ubuntu with the normal openiboot. If you don't want to you can try downgrading to 4.0?

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