iPhone 3.1.2. Unlock fail

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    iPhone 3G (Black)
    Hi, I have iPhone 3G(8gb) i had 2.2. now i updated it to 3.1.2. and i got the problem, No service
    Here now I will write everything I do:
    1. include the iPhone and connect to iTunes
    2.press Restore now restore the 1000 real time but good
    3. here is, it finished restore ...... and writes to me, Slide For Emergency
    4. On iTunesu is a message: The SIM card inserted in this Iphone does not appear to be supported
    5. Im closing i Tunes and all programs (iPodService, AppleMobileDevice) and I turn off the iPhone from USB Cabal
    6. I turn on iPhon to USB and run Blackra1n and Make it Ra1n
    7. now is a message to donate and the face of man
    8. I reboot the iPhone (is still engaged with the USB)
    9. and JB is over (still connected to the USB with a laptop)
    10. now unlocking
    11. Connecting to Wi-Fi network
    12. now runs on button Blackra1n first and install Cydia
    13. completed installation cydie now I installed sn0w
    14. sn0w be installed and again there is no GSM signal, no GSM network .... And yes, all the time WAS the SIM card into the iPhone all the time WAS USB CABLE connected with iphone

    I dont have carrier, when i go to the carrier i see my carriers but i cant select them.

    Please help

    And sorry for bad English

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