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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by lachlan438, Aug 7, 2009.

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    Ok now I had one of the ipod touches first gen and everything was good and happy it was jailborken and stuff loved it but now I have a Iphone and things seem a little more complex so I just need a good push in the right dirrection.

    I have a Iphone 3G It is running 3.0 and its baseband is 04.26.08 it is locked to the optus network on prepaid the orignal sim is long long gone.

    I have a contract with 3 mobile and I would like to put my 3 sim card into the iphone and use it. I can not get my number moved to optus or I would have to pay out the rest of my plan and that is sumthing I can not do it would be in the thousands

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    I wish to unlock my iphone so that I can put a 3 sim card make calls and sends Texts and MMS I will not be accessing the internet from 3 becuse I have a wifi connection at school and home plus its expensive.

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