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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by JayXL14, Aug 18, 2009.

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    Jun 22, 2009
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    I have some questions about an iPhone 2G I plan on buying for my brother..

    1. Is $170 a decent price for an iPhone 2G 8GB that is in supposedly perfect working condition and good physical condition?
    2. I know how to jailbreak/unlock, and want to know what pay-as-you-go / pre-paid options he can use (Boston area). I know that, recently, T-Mobile shut down their Sidekick plan or whatever, so I want to know what works.

    What is the best pre-paid option my brother can use with unlimited data? Minutes and texts aren't too important because I plan on using Google Voice.

    3. I have the 3GS, and was wondering what are the main differences between them?

    I know my iPhones pretty well, so I know:
    - No 3G
    - No GPS
    - Slower and less RAM, but ok I guess
    - Different look obviously
    - Non-flush headphone input
    - Different battery lives, etc.

    What other differences are notable, especially with jailbroken stuff?
    Like, "in the maps app, the 2G cannot do ___"

    Thanks, and I appreciate it.
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    Jun 2, 2009
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    iPhone 4 (Black)
    1. Yeah $170 is pretty darn good for a 2G.
    2. T-mobile has some good prepaid plans. They have a web2go package for data that 9.99. I have flexpay which starts at (for one line) 29.99 for 300 minutes. With myFaves is 39.99 (but I don't think you are looking for that) so the total for the bill monthly for T-Mobile FlexPay with Web2Go is 39.99 plus tax so you're looking at about $42-$44 a month. I heard Web2Go needs some setting up though (such as it will tell you to update to the 24.99 plan but you can bypass by either being persistent with a T-Mobile rep or going online and changing your phone to razr on the account and add the web2go plan yourself).

    3. I think you covered most of the main diffs. MMS can be set up through a Cydia download on the 2G. The jailbreak and unlock is easier on it. Um... I never had a 2G so I really can't say any more than this. But you know it's still an iPhone so who cares? Lol.

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