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    Ive got an iPhone (Original) and I updated to 2.0 and activated it using a O2 Genie Card and it appears I have good Edge coverage but when I try to go on the internet I get this:

    "Could not activate cellular data network: You are not subscribed to a cellular data service."

    I have a data plan and I got told by someone to enter this for the APN:

    APN = payandgo.o2.co.uk

    Login ID = payandgo

    Password = Password

    This changed the error appearing when I went onto Safari, this time I got:

    The error was: "Operation could not be completed. (kCFErrorDomainCFNetwork error 302.)"

    I tried to use the same sim before on 1.1.3/4 and couldn't go on the internet due to no access to the APN menu. Does anyone know a fix or a different APN maybe?
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