iPhome stuck in restore mode - Help!!! :S

Discussion in 'Introduce yourself' started by Bellaballerina94, Jun 28, 2010.

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    I was recently given an iPhone and when I put my SIM card in it it worke just fine - I could text, go on the internet and call people. When I hooked it up to the computer, all my music from my previous iPod was synced over ok. However, when I tried to add all the updates so the apps would work, it all went a bit wrong.

    I bakce it up, and then restored it as I had been told - but now its stuck in recovery mode and the iTunes won't restore it due to error 2003.

    Any ideas? I've not had chance to use any of the apps and the DFU method thingy didn't work - just kept it the same.

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    Oh yeah, and the iPhone won't go off the iTunes logo and the USB cable screen. Help me!

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    Well you could always try a DFU restore (search it), sometimes that works. Also you could try updating to firmware 4.0 and updating iTunes to 9.2 with it.

    What firmware were you on? And were you jailbroken/unlocked or not?

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