InvisibleShield ScreenCover Question?

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by eKoKnight, Sep 20, 2010.

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    I went into best buy and got myself my very first Invisible Shield of course when I tryed doing it myself my first time didnt help with my hands shaking due to CP.... So I went back into best buy and thank god they exchange it for me at no cost even when it was all missed up. So anyway They put it on for me once I paid them 7.99 bucks. After about 15 mins or 20 mins the lady came up to me and hand it to me... I was amazed how good she did it. I couldnt tell it was on it until I looked closer. She said I can use it but dont put a case on it for a day? Seriously a day? Im looking at it right now. It looks very much dryed up... What you guys think. I got it done around 5pm on the 19th its now 1:42am on the 20th.... Is it safe to put my case back on the ipod? Its just a blasted screen shield lol. Thanks guys you all rock.
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    If she said wait, just wait. Seriously, why rush it? Worst case scenario, you'll have to replace it again.

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