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Discussion in 'iOS Themes and Customization' started by OcciferNick, Feb 2, 2008.

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    Hello everyone,

    Ive been a visitor on this forum for a while now but never posted. Name is OcciferNick, from Sydney Australia, just thought i would say hello to everyone before asking a question... So hello all. Bye the way people thanks to everyone on here. Ive managed to jailbreak my ipod touch 16gb, added various apps etc and couldnt have done it without the help of so many tuts on here, so thanks again.Currently running 1.1.1 and dont think ill be upgrading until the sdk is released and new jailbreak etc follows...

    (ive searched what seems like hundreds of pages before asking this question, maybe, actually more than likely the this has already been answered but i cant find it. Its probably the way i searched, anyway)
    Now to my question... I currently have the theme "sketch" on my ipod. But for some reason when i turn my ipod on the theme doesnt load. Its just a black background. As soon as i go into any program the theme will load up and all is well. I know its a minor problem but i was wondering if anyone else was having this problem and is there a fix? I actually noticed this problem when i had my own wallpaper loaded aswell. Wouldnt load up til i entered any app, would just be a black screen with icon labels on startup.

    Cheers in advance..


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    yeah that happens to me too, and my friend, don't worry, its no big deal.

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