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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by DrewGzy, Dec 14, 2007.

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    So I've done a search and couldn't find anything. This might be better suited in a different forum but I'll try it here.

    I've got two laptops. The first is a MacBook (Intel) and the other is a PowerBook (PPC).

    I've been using the MacBook for all my work with my Touch. I do not have wireless at work so I use my MacBook and just share my internet via airport to get my Touch online. It's been working without any problems. For some reason my MacBook crashed earlier today (screen froze except with a message box that said I need to restart my Mac). No problem I shut it down and did some BS for work. I got back on it today and haven't had any problems but now my Touch will not get online via the MacBook. It sees and connects to the MacBook wireless but it doesn't have any connectivity (I've also tried SFTP via CyberDuck).

    Thinking it was my computer I tried my PowerBook and was able to get online with the PowerBook via the shared wireless network on the Macbook. Also, I can plug the LAN cable into the PowerBook and the Touch will connect through it using the internet sharing.

    I was thinking that it was a difference between the PPC and the Intel chips but the Touch was working on the MacBook a few hours earlier. I am running the same system on both computers and for the most part they are running the same stuff. I didn't change anything drastic on the Touch (last thing I did was download Boss Tools) before this quit working.

    Any thoughts?


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