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    I was on ipodtouchmaster's version of jailbroken 1.1.3 and read that summerboard wont work for this version. So I decided to downgrade and re-jailbreak using ijailbreak. Obviously, had to downgrade first. Went into iTunes and tried something different: I shift-clicked update and selected the 1.1.1 software. It "upgraded" me to 1.1.1 and when I went back to my iPod, I had some crazy 1.1.1-1.1.3 hybrid. I had the goofy dock but both iTunes and the iPod said I was on 1.1.1. Went into iTunes and it said i had roughly 7 gigs of other on the iPod, the size of my music collection. But music was nowhere to be found on the iPod. So I redid the process by shift-clicking restore. Just thought it was kind of interesting.
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    it's not really, it's just because you updated to 1.1.1 it messed up your library without removing the files and it couldn't register as music anymore so it thought it was other files.

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