Intel GMA X3100 Kernel Panicing

Discussion in 'Mac & OS X' started by Dr. Sonic, Sep 5, 2010.

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    5G iPod touch
    I just got this even though I got the graphics update from Software Update what could be the problem?

    Sun Sep 5 21:47:31 2010
    panic(cpu 0 caller 0x21ccccf2): AppleIntelGMAX3100FB GPU parser error. EIR 0x1 ESR 0x1 Instruction Error IPEIR 0 IPEHR 0xff9e9e9e BBADDR 0 INSTDONE 0xffe5fafd INSTPS 0xb8c32 INSTPM 0x10
    Backtrace (CPU 0), Frame : Return Address (4 potential args on stack)
    0x152dbe28 : 0x21b455 (0x5cf328 0x152dbe5c 0x2238b1 0x0)
    0x152dbe78 : 0x21ccccf2 (0x21cd4d54 0x3aeba80 0x21cd4d44 0x1)
    0x152dbf08 : 0x54884d (0x3a6ac00 0x3b03d80 0x1 0x10)
    0x152dbf58 : 0x54787e (0x3b03d80 0x446eb7c 0x152dbfa8 0x2190a2)
    0x152dbf88 : 0x547cd8 (0x3adea40 0x446eb7c 0x88bf2042 0xffffffff)
    0x152dbfc8 : 0x29e6cc (0x3adea40 0x0 0x56803fe9 0x5b13404)
    Kernel Extensions in backtrace (with dependencies):>0x21cd7fff

    BSD process name corresponding to current thread: kernel_task

    Mac OS version:

    Kernel version:
    Darwin Kernel Version 10.4.0: Fri Apr 23 18:28:53 PDT 2010; root:xnu-1504.7.4~1/RELEASE_I386
    System model name: MacBook4,1 (Mac-F22788A9)

    Note: I keep iTunes on every time and I know it's not that I don't like to quit iTunes and re-open it every time By the way this is still my 4th Gen macbook I know to hate later on

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