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    Feb 29, 2008
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    Hello everybody,
    I'm having some problems with installing applications from Installer.
    I am currently running on 1.1.4 (Jailbroken) and Installer v3.11.
    At first, everything was running great. But all of a sudden, games and apps wouldn't install completely. I was trying to install OpenSSH so I could get gba roms on my iPod, but it wouldn't completely install. I know that because the file would download, update, and right when it was installing and the progress bar would get to the middle, the installer would just quit, taking me back to the home screen.
    Usually, after installation you would be taken back to where you came from in the Installer, but it doesn't do it anymore...I have no idea what's going on?

    If anyone has an idea or knows of this problem, please notify me.

    Thank you.
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    maybe your running out of space. try moving your fonts and apps using boss tool. (if you havent already). Or you can reboot and reset your ipod. To do this: make sure your ipod is not plugged into anything, then hold down the home and power buttons at the same time untill you wee the apple logo. then try again. if that doesnt work than you can always restore and re-jailbreak.

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