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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by LastReaper, Jul 19, 2008.

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    Jul 19, 2008
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    Hello, I just registered to the forum to have a bit of help. Today, July 19, I decided I would jailbreak my ipod Touch (16GB) on the 1.1.4 firmware. My ipod was already jailbroken, but as the firware 1.1.1. So I downloaded the ipod firmware 1.1.4, and then on Itunes I clicked restore, but by holding shift (cause I use Windows). Then I selected firware 1.1.4 to be restored as, and everything worked fine. Next, I downloaded ZiPhone from the main site. Unzipped the file and ziphone GUI opened bla bla bla. Now Itune is closed. My Ipod is freshly restored with the factory settings to firmware 1.1.4, waiting to be jailbroken. So, I click on "Jailbreak" button on the ZiPhone GUI and bla bla bla...BINGO! It is jailbroken now! And thats when It starts to take my head outta my body. I click on the installer app, everything seems fine for the moment. BUT THEN! when I wanted to add a source, some seconds later, it FROZE! The keyboard frozed.

    So I tryed restoring it, jailbreaking it again and again and again, always the same sh*tty problem, whenever I go into sources... It freezes. An when I try to come back on installer (not even into sources), it freezes, and there was a time that I couldn't even get on installer cause it would simply take me back to the home screen...
    I, I dunno what to do... I passed the last 4 hours trying to solve this problem, but I just can't... Plz I would really need some help. I would really apreciate that.
    THX in advance guys

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    Many people have a keyboard problem, which can be fixed by typing randomly on the Contacts application for a while straight off jailbreaking.

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