Install .DEB files from pc, without wifi?

Discussion in 'Introduce yourself' started by clappboard, Aug 22, 2010.

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    Hi im new to the forum, so bear with me. I am using an ipt 2g ios4, and dont have wifi at home or near my home but want to install ifile, so that i can then install other DEBs through it. I cant download it on my ipod via cydia or rock due to the lack of wifi. I did some googling though, and found a way to install .debs using the "/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall" method, but it wont work for me. ive tried and tried and tried respringing my device multiple times but it just wont autoinstall.
    I dont know if it means anything, but im using linux, so i didnt need to use something like iphone explorer, as ubuntu's file browser can open the media folder on the ipt. I followed the directions on a website, but when i created the 'AutoInstall' folder within the Cydia folder then tried to open it, i got an error "location not found", and the folder moved itself back to the /Media folder. Weird... Anyways I just made the folders on my desktop and dragged the whole package in (by package i mean the "/Cydia/AutoInstall" directory tree). I dont know if that is the problem because the package isnt part of the ipods filesystem or something)

    Any and all input appreciated.
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    If you have the ability to use Windows, look up something called Cyder 2 to help.
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    i know the problem, after you go into /var/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall/ place the .deb file and then exit. then REBOOT your ipt AND respring

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