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    After about 3 days of hours of work I've finally got my repo working due to the help of a very nice forum member that zipped my themes on another operating system >_> (don't know if he wants his name put here or not). A lot of people have asked me to put my themes in a repo but I was unable to at the time. This repo includes all of the inFamous Themes so far including: inFamousLT, inFamousGears, inFamousWMP, and XboxDeluxe. I will be adding the customize items for the inFamousLT theme in the near future. And now I present to you the long awaited inFamous Repo! .


    To your sources list and enjoy!

    Comments/Problems/Thanks Welcome! .

    [If there are any errors in the source at all, please post.]
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    You posted 2 threads saying the exact same thing :O

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