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    Hello iPod Touch fans

    I've got this amazing portable library here with music, movies, books and Dictionaries. As a studient, it's great to have a dictionary in your pocket that would otherwise weight 5kg. I need the english-russian-english dictionary the most but it works only one way for me, that is english to russian.
    The problem is that the russian keyboard doesn't seem to work for me (although it is supposed to be available in 2.0 and thus 2.1). I can turn it on in the settings but when the keyboard comes open for writing, pushing the "globe" button doesn't bring up cyrillic letters. The buttons like Space, Send, Search and so on go into russian but I can't type in russian.
    Now it wouldn't be so awful this way since I have a jailbroken 2.1. But there doesn't seem to be a package for enabling cyrillic letters that would work in 2.1. I couldn't find any that would support firmware never than 1.1.4.

    In short:
    Letters on keyboard don't turn into russian letters when "globe" button is pressed although other buttons like "Space" do. The model is 16GB 1st Generation iPod Touch using jalibroaken 2.1 firmware.

    Any advice is highly appriciated
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    I'm sorry about posting it here... I couls swear I couldn't see a 2.1 firmware section before. I posted the same thing there too so this one should be removed
    Sorry again
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    3G iPod touch
    if you mean the little symbols and stuff above letters,
    then just hold down your finger on the letter and a bar pops up
    with more options
    cause, russia doesn't have its own alphabet, right?
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    It has.

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