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    I've been looking for something to put my iPod Touch in and no local store has anything in stock specifically for the touch.

    My Target had the Incase Sports Multifunction case for 5th generation video ipods. On a whim I bought one to see how it would fit my touch.

    As it turns out the touch fits perfectly. The case has a clear cover that fully exposes the front including the Home button. There is a cutout at the top for both the power button and the wifi antenna area. The clear cover is flexible and although spaced a bit away from the screen still works to let you control the touch THROUGH the screen. You have to press a bit more firmly than just touching the ipod itself, but I'm amazed how much easier it is to hold the touch when in this case and still be able to control it.

    The case is mainly a belt clip, but came with an armband and a belt loop that work with the belt clip for options on how to hook the touch to yourself.

    The bottom of the case has a cutout for the usb cable, but not for the headphone jack. I used a hole punch and made my own hole that looks fine and works great.

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