Incase Slider Review (iPod Touch 2G)

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by ALBIM, Dec 26, 2008.

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    I recently received (for Christmas) an Incase Slider for my iPod Touch 2G, all though I had a different case already. I liked the feel and look of the case, so I figured I would give it a shot.

    First, upon unboxing, the case looks very nice and has a nice feel to it. Good grip and feels good in your hand.

    It doesn't seem to be too tight of a fit, so I figured I'd try it with my Invisible Shield on the back. Bad idea. The case slid on easily, but getting it off was the hard part. I couldn't. I went up to the Apple Store and only then could a legion of genius barer's (I made that word up) release my iPod from the Slider.

    I then tried it without my invisible shield, and it resulted in scratches on the back of my ipod. I took it back and got a Belkin Tight Grip Groove.

    Overall, the case has a very nice feel to it, looks better then most cases out there, but it's just a little too tight for my liking. If you don't mind scratches because you have no reason to take off the case, then no problem. Perhaps my scratches were from putting the case on the wrong way. Either way, it's at the Apple Store now.

    Looks: 9/10
    Feel: 9/10
    Fit on iPod (once on): 7/10
    Removal of case: 2/10
    Scratches: several
    Port openings: 7.5/10 (The sliver of plastic in between the headphone and cord port is very sturdy, but the power/sleep button was hard to reach).

    Overall: 5/10 If you want a mix between a silicone case (not enough protection) and a hard plastic case (such as the neo touch), I would suggest this case. All though I would not suggest it for it's full $35 price tag, as it comes with the case itself and that's it, while several other cases come with screen protectors and cleaning cloths for less. If your on a budget, I don't think this case is for you, as you can get much more for less with other cases.
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    Good review but it needs some pictures to truly be a review.

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