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    Ok some background information on my iPod touch before I start, it is 1st generation with 3.0 firmware and it is jailbroken. As the title said, I don't have Safari, Setting or any of the default applications including music, photo and videos (as well as my jailbroken apps) at all present on my iPod touch at all!!! This is really bad considering I have 1500 songs and the main computer which they are mostly on has stopped working at the moment!!!

    This happened when I tried to change the permissions in mobile terminal for all applications. It didn't work, so I exited it (properly, like shut the program down) and restarted it but all it would show is a black screen. I decided to reboot my iPod touch and all the aforementioned apps have disappeared! The weird thing is that my custom wallpaper still shows, I still have the WiFi symbol, PDAnet still works even though the App isn't present (this is how I'm on the internet now) and when I used FunBox to SSH into my iPod touch, all my app data is still there although I can't seem to see my music. Oh and iTunes doesn't recognize my iPod.

    Somebody please try and help me find a solution to this issue WITHOUT RESTORING IT TO FORMER SETTINGS (I already know how to do that, and due to having no internet connection on my laptop I won't have the firmware to restore it properly). This would be incredibly appreciated if anyone who can help me, I will be forever in your debt

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    EDIT: I read the sticky thread and turns out the music is all there. So pretty much everything is there but not showing up as icons, help!
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    Alright update - When I use the search function on my iPod touch, whilst I can't find those apps I lost I can find my music, but it comes up with an "unsupported url error" when I try and play it. Does this help at all? Please help me guys!

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