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    What does every person in this world have in common? We all love to sleep, and we all hate to wake up. This program is here to help us all out by helping us wake up. Most alarm clocks wake you up in a very sudden (and often frightening) way, but EasyWakeUp wakes you up in a gentle way. It does this by sensing when you are in a lighter sleep, because if you are in a deeper sleep it'll be harder to wake up (which is exactly what a normal alarm clock does).

    How does it sense when you are in a lighter sleep, you ask? It does it in a simple way: you just attach the iphone/ipod to your wrist, bicep, leg, or just even put it away in a pocket and turn this useful application on. By using the built in accelerometer, this program tells when you are tossing and turning, and when it's calculations find out that you are in a lighter sleep (by the amount of you moving), it'll have the alarm sound. And yeah, keeping the device attached to you while you sleep can be a bit bothersome, but after a few minutes you'll forget that the device is even on you.

    My week-long experience of trying out EasyWakeUp was a very satisfying trial. The first morning I found that I did, in fact, wake up a lot easier than normal, and wondered if it's just a placebo effect. The next few days helped determine that it wasn't a mind-trick, it was, indeed, EasyWakeUp helping me wake up a whole lot easier. I was very happy with the results that this program was showing me. I even noticed that I did better on a test I had on a day where I used EasyWakeUp than on a day where I didn't use EasyWakeUp. I feel that it was definitely because I was more awake than I normally am.

    One thing that I really like is that you can choose what ringtone you want as your alarm. My personal favorite is the guitar strumming. It's a very gentle "waking up" alarm.

    Another great feature is that it keeps track of your sleep patterns. I'm sure you all have wondered how much you move in your sleep, and EasyWakeUp will help answer that question. It even makes very handy graphs of all your movements and exactly what time you moved at.

    There are two ways to get EasyWakeUp. You can either just simply buy it in the AppStore ($9.99), or on Cydia (jailbreak needed). There are a couple different "levels" of EasyWakeUp (a free one and a paid one), and if you go to this link: ( ) you can decide which version of the application is best for you.

    EasyWakeUp call does have a couple minor problems though, but it's not because of lousy coding or lazy developing; it's because of the restrictions that Apple puts on applications. The only minor problem that could actually be a problem to someone is if you haven't jailbroken your device, you're only choice of this application is from the AppStore. Since Apple doesn't allow you to run apps in the background, you'll have to leave the device's screen on all night. Yes, this does waste a bit of battery, but as long as you turn the brightness way down and turn off wifi, this wont be that much of a problem.

    If you buy this application (or even just use the free version), I assure you that you wont feel like you wasted your money. If this helps make every single day of yours better, why wouldn't you like it? This is a must have app for anyone who just likes to have a good day.

    Curious about EasyWakeUp? Check out their website:

    I'll gladly give this application a 9.6/10, as now I can wake up so much easier and that makes my day much nicer.

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    U sound as if ur being paid to advertise
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    Yea I am not going to sleep on my Ipod.......

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