iMusiClock-Wake Up and Fall Asleep with Your Favorite Ipod Music

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    Hi Everyone,

    We developed a really cool iPhone app, called iMusiClock that we know you'll love to use on your iPhone/iPod touch.
    This application has two features that any iPhone user will find them useful on his/her iPhone/iPod Touch .
    It has an alarm clock that allows you to use your iPod music, playlists and podcast. Now you can wake up to any music you like--and not just a few ringtones.
    This app also includes a sleep function that will stop the music automatically after a predefine time.

    Now you can wake up and fall asleep to your favorite iPod music.

    Hope you like it.

    Link to YouTube

    YouTube - iMusiClock iPhone App Review -

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    Do you need to keep the App running?

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