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  1. Hey! This is quite embarrassing to me, since I am a graphical designer. I have Photoshop and GIMP, but none of them would open images from my iPod Touch. Is there any converters, or editors or anything that allows me to do that?

    Thanks, Hypercreative
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    Dec 28, 2007
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    i think you need to read this thread. LINK
    ([HOWTO] Convert png's from the iPod Touch to readable png's on Windows
  3. OMG! How could I oversee that one? My brain is programmed to oversee stickies, mohahaha. Uhm, yeah. Thanks alot man, now I can start my work; DatamotePack, a whole "tweakpack" with new batteries, icons and everything, I'll get someone for DDev (DatamoteDeveloper) to make me an installer for it! I'll tell you guys when it's done.

    PS! Sorry for my bad english.

    Cheers, Hypercreative

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