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    Category: Social Networking
    Released: Jun 25 2009
    Seller: SHAPE services
    Price: $9.99
    3.0 Support: Yes
    IM+ is in my opinion the only social app you need besides face book or MySpace, it can combine all of your networks with chat in one easy to use app!
    IM+ Can connects with:
    • Twitter
    • Skype Chat
    • Face book Chat
    • Yahoo
    • MSN / Windows Live Messenger
    • AIM
    • iChat
    • MobileMe
    • ICQ
    • Google Talk
    • MySpaceIM
    • Jabber
    Also one of the best features of IM+ is you can send photos and locations and voice messages* to the person you’re chatting with. It also has many other features like the ability to set a wallpaper for your chat window, and it has a built in browser for your convince!
    Also IM+ supports Apples New Push Feature Even when you close IM+ it will stay connected to your services and let you keep chatting*
    It also has a Landscape Keyboard so you can give AutoCorrect A break.
    Unlike Other chat app *cough* Nimbuzz *cough* IM+ does not support the call, In other words you cant call your friends for free if you have Wi-Fi.
    The twitter feature is very unstable and does not support direct messages,
    The emotions do not support the app’s professionalism

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    You cannot add people to follow in twitter
    You cannot app people for chat in Face book Skype Yahoo GTalk or Myspace.
    It’s Incredibly Slow to restore your session.

    The browser is not nearly as good as safari, and is slow.
    Does not support Emoji

    In conclusion I would recommend buying this app, but I would also download Nimbuzz (it’s free) so when IM+ stops working you have a good backup!
    * = Only for the new 3.0 FW

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    I like it, beejive too.
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    Great review, thanks. I would like to add that it is TOTALLY buggy, I have never seen anything like it. I bought it on sale for $4.99 today, and it crashes crashes crashes crashes, I am sick and tired of the message "Would you like to report this crash to so and so?"

    I'm sorry I spent the money and I hope they will improve soon, it is cute otherwise. This is the most expensive app I ever bought, yet it is the worst. Shame!

    PS my device is not jailbroken, so there is no excuse for the crashing!
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