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    How about we all just plain stop b*tching about this. Apple charges $400 for a mp3 player(with wifi, blah blah, you understand me). Do you really think they're going to just give out apps they worked on for free? Nope.

    Now lets do what I'm going to do. Download Blaze's 1.1.3 app, that cloaks your firmware so iTunes doesn't automatic update it. Then, keep 1.1.2 firmware and jailbreak, and hey, lets just let it ride, and wait it all out. I'm pretty sure someones going to hack 1.1.3 firmware like they did with the others.

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    And yes, i bought my iPod before they were sent with the new apps and new firmware, and I'm honestly happy they have it, that means they might not get iPhysics. :/
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    Um, you dont need to cloak your iPod, iTunes wont update you without asking, and guess what: You can turn of the setting that checks for updates....

    (Edit >>> Preferences >>> General uncheck "Automatically check for updates"), Also, untick the same box when your ipod is connected, on the ipod tab. Easy.

    You dont need an app to use iTunes on 1.1.2......

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