Im sick of this.

Discussion in 'Site feedback, suggestions, and discussions' started by Tman47, Aug 13, 2008.

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  1. Tman47

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    Feb 13, 2008
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    [I'm Leaving] Im sick of this.

    what has this forum turned into? really now.

    i first got my ipod touch in the beginning of february when this forum was thriving, and now, well its fallen apart.

    so many people have been banned, before these new stupid rules came along we were doing just fine.

    it all started after the rep system was taken away,

    seriously whats wrong with it? yeah so some 7 year old left a message saying im gonna f*** your mom who really cares?

    like seriously i loved the rep system and was shocked when i logged on one day and it was gone. and after that things only got worse, one thing led to another and then people were judging each other based on post count, so the OT doesnt count towards your post count anymore...

    now really why does post count matter that much, just as many people have helped me that have a lower post count than those with 50,000 posts.

    and then the crime and punishment came. seriously if you are even one toe out of line you get a 2 week ban.

    now yeah of course i agree with everyone else on this thread that pirated material shouldnt be allowed, but uk mods can close threads, and infractions dont need to lead to bans.

    theres been WAY to many changes to this site and almost all of them are for the worse.

    this is no longer a community of people who help each other and try to advance us as a whole.

    so many valuable members have been banned just because of stupid things like swearing or flaming, yeah its bad, but you dont need a permanent ban because of it.

    people like hiratai and angelsynth and countless others who have been banned and will never come back because, i mean if i were them i wouldnt either.

    so basically i typed this whole rant to say that i will not be using ipodtouchfans any longer, i will come back occasionally to check for news or something, but other then that i will not be on nearly as much as i was.

    i just dont understand how we could go from being so great to THIS in just a matter of months...
  2. ubunix

    ubunix Member

    Aug 6, 2008
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    OMG so true i just got a warning today for asking a quesion?
  3. bgizzle

    bgizzle Administrator Staff Member

    Sep 13, 2007
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    you lost all credibility there. if you consider those to be valuable members, then maybe you will have a better time at a different site. this is a site for the discussion of the ipod touch, not an off-topic flame board, which those users and countless others that have been and will be banned are trying to turn it into.
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