I'm not good at introductions, but here goes.

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    Hello everyone.

    I might as well give an introduction. I'm Tarthen. I'm a 15 year old guy (no matter what the voice in my head says), finishing up Year 11. I'm a software developer for the .NET framework. I use Linux (and develop in a VM). My Touch has been jailbroken twice so far - Once 2.1 and now 3.0.1. I'm getting into theme making, one's in Cydia right now, called iUbuntu. I want to start iPhone developing, however, two issues - I don't have the time and I dislike C. I'm a easygoing kinda guy, if I don't say myself, and if anyone wants to chat, I'm here :3.

    However, one thing - don't come preaching your Mac or Windows near me. I'm a devout Linux user, and from maintaining 60 odd Windows PC's for almost a year now at work, I've learned to hate MS's products. And I'm naturally predjudiced against Mac - Apple are elitist bastards in my opinion - however, that's my own opinion. I'm up for a friendly OS war any day ;D. And another thing, don't flaunt your Alienwares or Mac Pros or anything - I could do some awesome stuff with my Eee if I felt like it. Don't push either on me and we'll get along like butter and bread

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    So, that's me. If your up for a chat, my details are in my profile/sig. I'm willing to help with any Linux issues you have - if your nice. And I'm always up for a debate.

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