I'm NEWBIE..hv ZERO knowledge n hv some Questions

Discussion in 'Introduce yourself' started by mayutaka, Jan 12, 2009.

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    Hi to all seniors,

    I'm newbie all d-way from Malaysia. I've just bot 32gb iPod touch-2nd generation n yet, I haven't explored or shud I say utilise d-whole function. The only thing that I certainly know n sure is, d-music function only.

    So, I'd really appreciate if all or some of d-seniors here cud help me or share some knowledges

    Here, some of my initial Questions:

    1) How to create multiple folder in Photo section as in create multiple playlist in Music section.

    2) Does jailbreaking our iPod touch harmful if anything goes wrong?..since mine is 2nd generation, issit true that jailbreaking d-ipod touch 4 2nd generation is not officially available?

    3) let say, provided that jailbreak is available 4 2nd gen iPod touch, what we can benefit from jailbreaking d-iPod?...is there any minor changes or MAJOR changes especially in Audio quality or video quality?

    errrrr....I think, that's all for now. I might post another Questions to others. Many thanks yah....

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    Jailbreaking has no harm, it just voids the warranty. And from jailbreaking, you can have themes, installed apps, cydia apps, and you can SSH. Jailbreaking won't affect your audio/video quality.

    And the 2G jailbreak is suspected to come out in a couple days, so look out for that.

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