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    Hey guys!

    This is my first time on any sort of iPod forum - as i have never taken much interest in these mp3 players. I am currently a very active member over at another forum, (not related to mp3 players, etc) but i thought i might as well start here, as i am looking at getting myself an iPod Touch 3G, if and when it comes out.

    You see, a while ago i used to hate all things Apple, as my main player was the Creative Zen Vision: M. I must admit that i have loved it, but i think it is time for an update. My main motivation for deciding to switch to the iPod Touch (When I do) is because of the way so many people are interested in it. By this i mean that there will almost certanly be a jailbreak. The reason i like this is because it frees the iPod, and allows it to do so much more.

    Anyway i think i have gone on enough... i hope you guys enjoy having me here, as i'll be here for good

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    See you around the forum

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