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    i thought i would take a moment to post instructions on how to prevent the iKee worm from leaking into your mainframe (for iphones, and possibly ipods when it gets released in the U.S.) REMEMBER: THIS IS OPTIONAL. THE WORM CURRENTLY ONLY WORKS IN AUSTRAILIAN IPHONES.

    the iKee worm for those who don't know, is a virus for the iPhone that is leaked through OpenSSH and MobileTerminal. (Don't worry, you don't have to delete them) This virus leaks through the mainframe using the default root password, "alpine". what this worm does is make your iDevice unusable, and into a very expensive rickroll. I say this of course, because it causes your default background to become a picture of Rick Astley, and every time you open any of your apps, including Safari, etc. , you will get a looping rickroll.

    to prevent this virus from reaching your iDevices, make sure you change your default root password.

    to do this, follow the following instructions:

    1.) log into MobileTerminal, and type in "su" (no " marks).
    2.) it will say "password:" in which point you type in "alpine".
    3.) you will then be in the root. type in "passwd".
    4.) type in your new password, and retype it after hitting enter. Congratulations, you just saved yourself countless hours of restoring your device. just respring and enjoy.

    WARNING: For those of you who use open ssh alot, make sure to remember your new password. save it to a keychain in your favorite file browser, or else you will not be able to use terminal or OpenSSH, unless you restore and rejailbreak.

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