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    Being as I do not yet own an Itouch, I've been surfing around youtube at work and these forums. I've come to the conclusion that there are many seperate ways to jailbreak you're touch. The end result being im going to buy one next week strictly for what I have read and seen. Overall my frustration is the distribution of our resources, point in case threads telling you howto get the email.app there and Ipong here. Im hoping someone decides to pool all the resources on a website. Or if so is there any site out there available that does so?. Instead of me having to surf random forums to access tid bits of important information?.

    Im proud to say i'll be using the Slovix method and building from there. also I have seen many programs that work like p2p programs for accessing system files via the desktop and importing them into the ipod system folders. Has anyone done any research into locating the links for these sites?.

    Thanks guys!

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