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    Hello all,

    Well I´m reading here and there and I´m pretty much crazy about the idea of installing just two iphone apps on my recently bought 16gb Ipod Touch: Notes and Maps. Those two would be veryy helpful. I maybe interested on a sort of Copy/Paste aplication.

    Here is the use:

    Let´s say I´ve added a couple of music to the Ipod. After adding some music I connect to internet to grab the lyrics. As an example, I´ve added the Beethoven 9 Symphony Karajan´s "Ode to Joy" with choral. It has some nice german lyrics that I would love to have it on my Ipod without need to connect to a hotspot. I would love to have a NOTES kinda software on to paste the lyrics that I collect from internet. So I´ll probably need a copy paste software as well. Any suggestions?

    The second use is sort of "trace roots" things on Google Maps. The stretch with fingers is so addictive that I would love to do that on the Ipod. For this, as far as I know I´ll need maps as there is no similar application or site that can go such deep in satelitte images.

    Greetings from Brazil
    Henrique Coelho
    Sao Paulo, SP

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