iFile Zombie Farm coin hack tutorial

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    *This can be done with any crop, I just did mine with Dragon Fruit while I was writing the tutorial*


    Step 1: Open iFile and go into your applications folder.

    Step 2: Now find whichever folder is your Zombie Farm folder and open it.

    Step 3: Go into the ZombieFarm.app folder and then scroll down to the text file that's named:


    Step 4: Alright, now scroll WAY down to nearly the bottom until you stumble across the line that reads:

    <string>Dragon Fruit</string>

    Step 5: Tap the edit button on the top left and then just above where it says Dragon Fruit it should read:


    Now switch the 22 to a 1, so it should read:


    Step 6: Now knowing how to edit, find the:

    "<key>cost</key>" Line
    and the "<key>growtime</key>" Line and edit the numbers underneath them both to 1.

    Step 7: Now scroll down just a tad bit and find the line that reads:


    Now don't get ahead of yourself and change the value to 1, this is the value that your gonna wanna change to 1000000. Changing the price 200 to 1000000 means that everytime a dragonfruit crop grows you can sell it to the market or wherever the hell it goes for 1000000, instead of just 200.

    Step 8: Open up Zombie Farm, go into the Market and right on the first page it should have the Dragon Fruit crop at the cost of 1 coin, plant it in any empty plowed space, and it will immediately grow and when you harvest it, give you 1 million coins.

    Hope this helped, have fun

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