iFile Slow, Freeze+Lockup

Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by iBricked, Sep 7, 2010.

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    Before you read, I have a feeling it is leading me into a spiral of doom. I think my device is unstable and therefore needs a fresh restore, if you can help me or assist me in anyway, please PM me, I gravely need anyones help. I and now desperate. This is to the point that everyday, I am staring at my iPod wondering, how, why and **** you at the same time. I think I am getting depressed because of this little gadget. I could almost say LOL right now.

    I have to complain for this sorry. It's just so annoying. I ave iFile, it one day decided to quit out on me so its just all buggy and slow and it takes like 1 minutes to open a text file with nothing in it. And when I put it in a folder it just lags so much my head will explode soon.

    Is there a fix? I have tried reinstalling even going online to find a deb and installing that!

    if its just my f'ed up ipod, can someone help me backup app saves? I want to try a fresh restore. I have SHSH blobs. I tried appbackup before but it just said that it didn't work which really pissed me off. Thanks.

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