If i buy an unlocked iphone

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by LovesToTouch, Dec 11, 2008.

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    Will i need to pay for edge or is there a way i can just use it for solely phone calls and not get used for edge.

    The thing is i want to get a iphone/ipod touch for christmas. And looking around craigslist I can get a 8gb iphone for around 200/250 unlocked which is around the price of a 2g ipod touch And i'd only have to carry around the iphone and not my phone and itouch. So what i was wondering is i have a family plan where i get like 1500 minutes for me and my dad with at&t with rollover just 2 basic razors and such so with an unlocked iphone can i use it with this plan or will it not work? And will i get charged for edge or 3g service or is there a way i can turn it off? Im in no way asking if i can use internet without wifi without being charged. I know i'll be charged if i intentionally use safari on the road. But does it do any updates i can stop that will charge me for the webservice? Im most likely talking about a first gen normal iphone since i won't need 3g serivce since i only plan on using wifi internet.

    Thanks for the help if you can clear up anything about using an unlocked iphone for them it'll be great.

    Is it just as easy as taking my sim card out of my normal phone and dropping it in the iphone?
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    it's better if you will buy an unlocked iphone.

    because any sim will fit.

    you will only pay for the sim.

    and when you buy an iphone. it has a sim card pick. so you can easily remove the sim inside.

    for more info, you'll find it on apple.com

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