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Discussion in 'iOS Themes and Customization' started by qwertzuiop, Mar 3, 2009.

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    hey guys!
    I've heard that the hack/mod "newwallpaperoneveryspringboardpage" is developed. At first i had this idea:
    Put blank apps on the upper column(? Or is it row like this----) and then take wallpapers that have a font on the upper side that say sth like games apps media etc. So it would be sorted with style. But then i came across the idea of being able to scroll down on those pages! So wipe finger to left= page change( normal) wipe finger up = nornal list scrolling. I dont know how many resources would be needed... More running springboards?

    Another not-a-good idea woulbe a springboard like a zoomed picture you know just zoom in a pic then you know what i mean. Imagine a big pic to scroll to every direction but also be able to click icons, start sbsettings etc....
    So, what do you think now?
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    that would get confusing and complicated - because you could scroll up and down and with the same page go side to side, there would be a rubik's cube type effect where your pages start getting moved around (scrolled up to get to that page? oh but now you want to scroll right? well that page isn't goign back down - its now on the left, and the page that WAS underneath that one is now underneath your current page)

    the original summerboard had vertical springboard srolling, and it was really unstable.

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