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    I know that there are web based shopping list apps and I know that the notes app can be used to create simple shopping lists. But my ideas for a shopping list app would be as follows:
    1. Very easy way to add items to the Shopping List
    2. Checkboxes to identify obtained items
    3. A Shopping Cart section of the screen which checked items would automatically go to once checked off
    4. A pop-up calculator that would appear once an item has been added to the shopping cart (the calculator would be able to calculate 'the item price' x 'the item quantity', and have an enter button that would add the total of the item to your shopping cart)
    5. A running calculation of the shopping cart total
    6. An editable Tax field where you can enter the tax rate of your particular state/city/county
    7. A running calculation of the total tax and total cost of your shopping cart

    I've used the notes app to make an example of what I think the app might look like.
    Please share your ideas and tell me whether you think anyone would be willing to take on this project.

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