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Discussion in 'iOS Themes and Customization' started by buckeyefan93, May 15, 2010.

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    I have a 3G iPod Touch, and recently my icons for various themes are not being shown when the SB is restarted. They stay as the default icons, when they should turn into whatever the theme default is. I was using FileZilla to transfer new themes to my iPod touch, when many icon files were queued to transfer back onto my iPod, but none of them would go. The program said connection error because it was trying to connect to an ip address one number above mine, and I knew it would never work. In trying to get these files transferred, all the icon files in the queue disappeared and now i can't get them back. I tried to re-jailbreak my ipod to no avail. I've even tried to reinstall the theme I downloaded from Cydia hoping it would replace the missing icon files, but that didn't work either.

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