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Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by adam05, Jan 1, 2008.

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    Can someone show me how to change an icon or give a link on how to? I have searched but the results are very vague. Thanks!
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    I use a regular ftp program to ftp into the iPod like you would a web server. Everything is folders and files like on any computer.

    You need SSH or Open SSH installed in order to use the ftp. Go to the settings panel and click on the blue arrow on the WiFi server you are currently connected to. This takes you to a screen that shows your own iPod's ip address. This is the address you will ftp to. It will change according to what WiFi network you are connected to. The ftp login user name is: root and the password: alpine

    You also needs to have Sommerboard installed.

    Ftp to the folder private/var/root/Library/SummerBoard/Themes.

    Inside you will see folders for the different SummerBoard themes installed. Make a new folder named Whateveryouwantbutwithoutspaces and make sure it has permissions set to 755 (which should probably happen automatically anyway). Inside it place another new folder named "Icons". This folder will now show up as a theme you can select in Summerboard. You can use it to assemble other stylizing files such as a wallpaper, but for now let's look at the icons that all go in the Icons folder (notice large initial cap on these folder names, Icons, not icons)

    Now you can add icons in png format. Unlike regular icons they should have the size 59x60 pixels. If not, the iPod will squeeze them in order to display them correctly.

    If you want to replace (override really) the default icon for the application "Maps", title your icon "Maps" and upload it to the folder. Go into Summerboard Prefs and relaunch. If you want the original icon back, delete your custom one. Always use the same name and spelling for the icon as the app you wish to change icon of.


    Don't know if this board will automatically remove this link, but there is a site called Apple iPhone School which offers downloadable packs of icons ready to use. http://appleiphoneschool.com/allcustomicons

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