iCadeado, lock applicatinons based on locke.app

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    iCadeado, lock applicatinons based on lock.app

    Hello everyone!

    This is my second jiggy app and its working very well but I need help to make it better.

    Its based on Lock.app that I found in this forum.

    Its in portuguese but I Hope you like it!

    I can translate it to english if you want but is not dificult to use. See tranlation bellow.


    Alterar = Change
    Abrir = open
    configurar = config
    Sair = exit
    Default password is = gsmfans

    Now I need help with the change application part. I want it to do: when you click on it ("alterar aplicatiovo" Button) all the app of the iphone is showed and then when you chose an app to lock the script should do:

    -Hidde the original program - Set as hidden in plist
    -copy the icon.png from the chosed app to iCadeado.app folder
    -Set the application to be launched (This is easy)

    TY guys. And sorry for the bad english.

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