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    [GUIDE]Virtual Memory Mod

    Hey there peeps! This is a guide explaining what it does and how this will benefit you! (And hinder)

    If you want to first get a PLIST editor so you can correctly add these files.
    Open it up and type this in.

    Save that as com.apple.dynamic_pager.plist

    Then you want to make a new file and type this in
    Save that as com.apple.VirtualMemory.plist

    SSH into your ipod/iphone

    Place the com.apple.dynamic_pager.plist in system/library/launchdaemons
    Place the com.apple.VirtualMemory.plist in private/var/preferances

    There are two because the iPad version is slightly different.

    Ok now to know the risks.

    1.Not faster ram or that rubbish, but a more stable environment, less crashes more smoothness.
    2.Sometimes some apps will crash on run this will hopefully fix it buy giving your iDevice that little kick.
    3.If you do not have heavy use, this mod will give your deivce faster than normal capabilities.

    1.Lower battery life ( short term) Instead of 2 days maybe 1 day and a half.
    2 Lower flash memory (long term) Very dangerous. Instead of 10 years! You get only 4-8 years depending on use.
    3.You have less space to fill up on apps and stuff.

    All of it explained.
    VM or virtual memory uses your NAND flash to store information when not in use instead of in the ram.

    So you are running safari, you open 2 tabs, you actively browse a tab while the other is inactive, that information normally stays in ram until you open enough tabs to crash safari, but with the mod it moves it to a specific block made specially for storing unused info. When you close safari, it automatically deletes that block.

    But with heavy use and using more ram than you should, it will result in:
    1.Using the writing of the sectors so much that your flash will fail eventually in as I said 4-8 years depending on use.
    2.Your system will slowly slow down eventually, I have been using this for a few months with no adverse effects SO FAR.

    Good luck, this is a guide and will be updated in the future.
    Be careful and only trust links from the careful and experienced members of iptf.com (Not me but in this case you can).

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