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    Aug 8, 2008
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    Sorry if I double posted, it didn't show up when I first did.

    Basically it's for all those people or whatever who want to make a cydia repo, because of limited linux or unix experiance, or maintain a repo. Or they just want to make it easier.

    You can download the current version here: Version 0.0.5
    Old version: Version 0.0.1
    Version 0.0.2/0.0.3: http://iphone.raw-designs.net/cydia/iAutoRepo_0.0.2.zip
    Version 0.0.4: Version 0.0.4

    You can see something in action here:
    ^The user is test and password is test.

    No index page or whatever yet, you can navigate with the folder indexing.
    You also may not be able to add it to cydia which I'll explain later on.

    First off, you need to also upload to the root of your repo this file, the .htaccess file.
    Basically, because I have the Repo "Release" file info in a mysql database so you can easily change it, and I didn't want to get too, too complicated, the .htaccess file tricks the Release to be Release.php which has a header of a utf8 text file, so cydia will think just that.

    Download that here (not needed anymore, now included with new releases): http://iphone.raw-designs.net/cydia/iautorepo/htaccess.zip
    Make sure that file is name ".htaccess" on your server, in that exact form.

    Anyway, people who want to contribute to it, just download it and I guess re-upload the file or however those contributor projects work.

    Sorry If I shouldn't put this here...but anyway, who wants to try it can. It can even create your DEB file for you, just make sure your package has the same structure as shown here:

    +- MyProgram
       +- Applications
       |  +- MyProgram.app
       |	 +- Info.plist
       |	 +- MyProgram
       |	 +- icon.png
       +- DEBIAN
       |  +- control
       +- System
    	  +- Library
    		 +- LaunchDaemons
    			+- com.saurik.MyProgram.plist
    Or however your app on the file system looks.

    Coming soon in future versions:
    Log in system (100% done)[X]
    Bash script (100% Done

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    Better "Look" (100% done)[X]


    Ok first, I'm rewriting what I wrote from my iPod:
    You MUST be running a linux or unix server.
    You MUST NOT have PHP running in safe mode.
    You MUST be able to execute bash scripts from PHP (Should be enabled on most servers in the php config file)
    Need to stress those

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    Installation instructions for 0.0.2/0.0.3b:
    1) Upload ALL files to server.
    2) Run install, so naviagte to /install/ or install.php, both will work.
    3) Follow the install instructions:
    I)Type in mySQL info. Then this will generate the config.php for you.
    II)This step installs required mySQL tables, along with chmod'ing the scripts.
    III)Type in your desired user info. Then this will generate it in the mySQL database.
    4) Delete or rename install directory for security reasons.

    Full changes:
    Created SEMI working bash script.
    Rewrote some of the pages to better understand
    Added more easy install system
    No more manually editing config.php
    Added full login system, it can support multiple users if you know how to edit mySQL through phpmyadmin, I just haven't added a add user page.

    Still needed:
    A better look. I want to make it look better, but might now I'm working on basics....

    One major change, that's makes this useful now!

    Get the version 0.0.5 from above, first.
    You can now create your deb, then refresh your Packages list in a matter of seconds!

    And I don't know if this is my iPod or not, because I have added a repo that I made, not with this but manually for halo4iphone that gave a source error when added, and has made adding this repo get a source error, but it still works successfully.

    You can now refresh your Packages list through the browser in seconds, and I'm looking into that "drag and drop thing"

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    . Thinking about finding a java app for it, since that would seem to be the only way, without having to create a zip file and upload that.

    In release 0.0.6 (Next one

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    >Better theme, except for maybe the install system. (Done.)
    >A Logout button, in case someone hacks your computer and messes up your repo

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    >More (From some suggestions people may add)
    >Might take a while, but able to upload files, and build debian control file from web.

    New to 0.0.5:
    >An actual theme + template
    >Better user system
    >A home page

    Enjoy! Any comments or suggestions?
  2. dominicanxtyle

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    Sep 1, 2008
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    i cant make it create the package, it doesnt create it for me
  3. ddggttff3

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    May 21, 2008
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    so far not bad, but gives errors to me on my server. sayin header allready sent by index.php on login :S. but keep up the work

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  4. iZ3RO

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    Jan 1, 2009
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    I can't get it to work. I upload it to my host, and go to "iautorepo.uuuq.com/install", to install it, and I enter the correct database information, but it says that it is incorrect. The info is as follows:

    $msqlhost = 'localhost'; //Hostname of database
    $msqluser = 'iautorepo_iz3ro'; //User of database
    $msqlpass = '***HIDDEN***'; //Password of user/database
    $msqldbnm = 'iautorepo_repo'; //Database name

    Any help?
  5. liverpoolatnight

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    Apr 6, 2009
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    installed 0.0.5 but

    all i get is

    Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/iautorepo/public_html/sexycydia/style/pttt.php:21) in /home/iautorepo/public_html/sexycydia/index.php on line 26


    The verson 0.0.4 works great and works good on the cydia app on the ipod touch os 3.0
    Feel free to add my source (Currently working on it but ill add a cupple in the next few day

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    ): cydia1.fransnetwork.co.uk
  6. personman

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    May 1, 2008
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    iPhone 5S
    I can't seem to get it working. Every time I try to log in after setting it up after logging in the page just refreshes. The fields clear and it wants me to log in again.
  7. personman

    personman Active Member

    May 1, 2008
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    iPhone 5S
    Seriously, wtf? Its not working AT ALL. I put in the user name and pass I made and each time it just goes back to the login page.
  8. joshuajag

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    Mar 2, 2008
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    5G iPod touch
    Hey, I installed this on my website hosted at 000webhost.com but when I login it tries to take me to index_.php then goes to the 000webhost error page: err.000webhost.com. Same thing happens when I click home. Tried to remove the _ from the code but it still takes me to the error page. Any idea?
    Nevermind, I was editing the old files. BTW: I changed index_.php in every file to index.php and now it works perfectly with no error page. I will edit again when I try it on my iPod.
    Thanks So Much

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    EDIT: Trying to make a .deb but it says that passthru() has been disabled due to security reasons. (Im using 000webhost.com)

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